Indebted by Nobby66 at


Indebted written by: Nobby66 @douglas97_s   Too proud to think aloud, permanently followed by debt’s sodden cloud. Chromed lining shot to fook, cried, in vain to change my luck, Chuck. Blew half our last ten spot on scratchy Lotto Sold …
Let Me, by Kathleen Truax Kamrada at

Let Me

Let Me written by: Kathleen Truax Kamrada @whykatwrites   I want to learn every part of you especially those parts that remain buried beneath years of pain trust my heart show me your broken pieces let me make you whole
Lost And Unfound, written by Kabrie Waters at

Lost And Unfound

Lost And Unfound written by: Kabrie Waters @KWaters208   Sketch my face on the back of a milk carton. Let that be the last they see of me. Leave them my words; I will weave more somewhere they will not …
Again, by Brian Gordon at


Again written by: Brian Gordon @sk8erblock43   These are the words written from the broken heart I wish I knew this would have happened from the start I knew deep down inside I couldn’t make you stay I don’t know why …
Sinister Dawn written by Fallen Engel at

Sinister Dawn

Sinister Dawn written by: Fallen Engel @BlackEngel3   The black crow ticks at the window pane like a chisel to ice He does so by his only light, the moon As I recite words of spells written in crimson mist …
The Sunday Morning Girl, by R. Solino at

The Sunday Morning Girl

The Sunday Morning Girl written: R. Solino @UniverSolino   There was magic in that Sunday morning – or maybe it was only the alcoholic metabolites from the night before flowing in my blood that had sharpened my sensibility – but …
Final Meeting written by Stanley Wilkin at

Final Meeting

FINAL MEETING written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   It was our final day together During an awkward time, strolling purposely in the woods Beyond town, sheltered by the interconnected canopy Of colluding beech, joined in suppositious intimacy. Pausing where serried …
To Love and Work by K.D. Rose at

To Love And Work

To Love and Work written by: K.D. Rose @KDRose1   We carry small choices across generations, resurrecting puzzles and pale faces, daring, fertile, as if suffering and pleasure will one day prove a great feast. We are auctioned daily at …
Surrounded By Pain by Ingela(saja) at

Surrounded By Pain

Surrounded By Pain written by: Ingela(saja) @ingelasaja   Surrounded by pain and an invisible cloak between my soul and the rest of the world. The magnetic field keeps people away, and I search for the place where I cannot be heard. That …