All Is Temporary by Hemmingplay at

All Is Temporary

All Is Temporary written by: Hemmingplay @hemmingplay   I’m nearly old, she said… to no one, Before the mirror, Tracing a line down her cheek With a fingertip, Lost in memory. She sighs. A chill; her soul shivers. This is …
Rebeldía written by Núria Segura Insa at


Rebeldía written by: Núria Segura Insa @Poetica140c   Rebeldía es poesía. Es la comisura de tus labios, dientes de nieve. Tu pelo suelto, revuelto tus nerviosas manos. Poesía y rebeldía eres tú.
Words by The Truth by Trishna Damodar at

Words By The Truth

Words by The Truth written by: Trishna Damodar @TrishTrishna   Sometimes I might be tough. But once said, I set you free. The more you hide me, I create that much difficulty. So speak only the words, That reflect me. …
A meadow split so well by Michael Shea at

A Meadow Split So Well

A meadow split so well written by: Michael Shea @calmsbehaviour   A meadow split. Small brown bird flits spasmodically through the grass, hidden like hunting lions, and bobbing into view briefly to plummet again like a wind afflicted arrow. The …
Stone of Roses written by Sudeep Adhikari at

Stone Of Roses

Stone of Roses written by: Sudeep Adhikari @sudip.adhikari.750   There are stories of water-courses on air but I am haunted with some ruby eyes, which I have made with my own salts. It's hard not to get moistened by the …
Terrors Within written by Geovanni Villafañe at

Terrors Within

Terrors Within written by: Geovanni Villafañe @RezZureKtedPoeT   Spine Tingling Sensations Creep Along The Skin Masked Abominations Haunt That Fear Within Cries Of Indignation Spill Out In Darkest Sins The Night's True Ambition In Savagery Begins There Is No Reminiscent …
Viaggiando written by Edward Mind at


Viaggiando poesia by: Edward Mind @HorrorKing1   Vorrei viaggiare per il mondo, vorrei girargli intorno, viaggiare libero senza meta, solo le rime, nessun poeta. Viaggiando dalla penisola italiana verso una costa Africana, Partendo dal sol levante arrivando al sol calante, …
For you written by Hush Your Beak at

For You

For you written by: HushYourBeak @HushYourBeak   I would drag the ocean from its depths and drown the stars to curve your smile, I would raise ten trillion galaxies from birth to death just to eke a moments laugh, Ride …
Disillusion written by Marta Compagnone at


Disillusion written by: Marta Compagnone @martacompagnone   So the world falls down, we live in a ghost town marching with our loneliness. We try to scream our thoughts hoping that someone hears us. We are born free to become slave …
The Speak No Evil Monkey a poem at

The Speak No Evil Monkey

The Speak No Evil Monkey written by: Edward McCloud @edward.a.mccloud.3   No man can be trusted, but now you find yourself lost in the jungle of wicked complexities: quicksand, piranhas, and savages; danger is death without agility, so you must …