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Take Me Away written by Kalina at

Take Me Away

Take Me Away written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   Take Me Away Somewhere anywhere take me somewhere quiet take me somewhere warm take me with you anyw...
Sitting Here written by Kalina at

Sitting Here

Sitting Here written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   I'm sitting here, sipping coffee while the rain is pouring down outside I'm sitting here, sipping co...
Time written by Kalina at


Time written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   I'm sitting here And I don't know what to say About the things That made me who I am today I don't wanna dwe...
Dandelion written by Kalina at


Dandelion written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   Dandelion, I'll pick you up study you closely then give you a puff try to blow you all away in just one...
Nightmares written by Kalina at


Nightmares written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   she'll curl up in bed at night and dream of things that just might- in her dreams she'll dream of you ...
Worth the Wait, by Kalina at

Worth The Wait

Worth the Wait written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   They say love is just a game that only stupid people play but I say love is so much more than some...
2AM, by Kalina at


2AM written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   2AM, when you’re still awake right when you start to break and you’re sitting on the floor teary eyes and mes...
Younger, by Kalina at


Younger written by: Kalina @kalina_bergeron   Back when I was 7 and had no cares in this world Back when I was little and everything was gold Back befo...