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A Heavy Millstone

written & performed by: Bob Jensen




We gathered, we the faithful

When summoned by that bell

The small, the weak, the innocent

Drawn towards its knell

Three hours hid the sun

When that vulgar show began

The rapist with the Eucharist

Upon his filthy hands

Hands that tore the fleece

From the smallest, faithful lamb

And hands that left the soul defiled

And primed it to be damned

And when his rape had finished

And mass had then begun

He place the Holy Host

Upon the slaughtered lamb's young tongue

And one hundred chosen in their pews

Knew well the father's sin

But offered up those trusting doves

Their precious, helpless kin

Men who to a burning house

To save the child within

Would rush without a thought

Allowed that sacrificial sin

And women, selfless shepherds

Who were turned back at the inn

Sat silent and obedient

While the faithful flock was thinned

And in that great cathedral

Built to glorify his God

The bishop killed the Lamb

When he spared the priest his rod

And for every priest and layman

Who hid the vulgar truth

May there be a heavy millstone

To justify lost youth

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Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen has been writing poetry, music and prose his whole life.
He currently resides in Prince Edward Island, Canada where he works as a booking agent for folk musicians from around the world.
His award winning novel, The Matchbox Funeral, is available on Amazon.
Bob Jensen

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