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A Sad Sonnet

written by: A. Siegelster



A woman here I knew and one I loved,
Her countenance surprising all who saw
And made them stop and stare at her with awe,
And even I in my first glance was moved.
Her eyes were dark as an onyx gem’s gleam,
Her lips bright red as a crimson-hued rose,
Her eyelids ever drooping to a close
As if she were getting lost in a dream.
Oh ever full of clouds her eyes did seem,
That gleam around her lids so darkly painted,
The crimson lips with blood is always tainted,
From gnawing them to hold a silent scream.
How silent and how so darkly demure,
This creature who such sadness must endure.

A. Siegelster

A. Siegelster

Born and living in Los Angeles, I am a poet and a student. I am a classicist, studying ancient and medieval Latin poetry, and working to write my own poems and to find my own voice.

My poems range from the dark to the fantastic.

I am not yet professional, but I am working my way there, working to get my voice out into the world.

The mind constantly reels.
A. Siegelster

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