Spillwords Press


What are spill words?

"Sometimes are so obvious, everyone gets them. Sometimes they are so subtle, only a few get them. Sometimes they are a form of private conversation between two people."



A World of Ideas

A cosmos of minds that intertwine.

The home for all that live and breathe words, spilled or inspired, through literature of every genre, from writers and poets of every walk of life.

At Spillwords, we espouse the philosophy that words matter and imagination, is the seed of accomplishment.

We, are passionate about the world we inhabit and are aware that there are two side to every story. We are persistent in our pursuit of all points of view and are committed to presenting them in an unbiased and fair platform.

Spillwords is the place to think, to laugh, to shed a tear.

Where words are gifts that feed the soul,

ignite a flame,

within, the heart,

excite the recesses of the brain,

spark passions and concerns,

inspire the ego and the id.


Want to spill your words?

We invite one and all to join our literary press. At Spillwords, you will gain a door to the world not only through our website but also via social media. When you submit your original content, our team of editors will insure your work is presented responsibly, crafting a visually compelling presentation of each individual work.

For Submissions follow this link: http://spillwords.com/u-submit-spillwordspress-u-blog/


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