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Answers in the Search (V)


written by: Benjamin R Bray



So, why try
When you could fly
Away from it all
With one decision?

One choice made
In one moment

It all started
With a choice

More decisions made
With each passing day

So, of course,
It must end
One way or the other

With a choice


Part 5 of 5 in the Answers in the Search series.

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Benjamin R Bray

Benjamin R Bray

I am first and foremost an educator. I live for my students and find the greatest joy in their success. I have been a poet since I was kid, but started taking it more seriously around my junior year in high school.
I mostly write poems about dealing with the emotional spectrum and going through introspective journeys. I also delve into the occasional homage to some of my favorite narratives such as Firefly, Power Rangers, etc.
To sum up: educator, writer, poet, super geek, and so much more ūüėÄ
Benjamin R Bray
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