Angie Brocker

Shells written by Angie Brocker at


Shells written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   She cried as she heard the news Happy tears at first, but the anguish came soon enough The sorrow w...
Not Thankful by Angie Brocker at

Not Thankful

Not Thankful written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   I’m not thankful for the deceitful lies spit out in spiteful anger or manipulative moves thrown...
Anger Issues, written by Angie Brocker at

Anger Issues

Anger Issues written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   I never wanted anger to enter my heart But I wonder what color my soul is now Some things just...
Burnt Toast, written by Angie Brocker at

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   “Good Morning,” she stated with no inflection or intention behind her words Her hope remained h...
Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker is a married mother of 4 grown children. She has a BA in English Literature and recently completed her first novel. In her spare time, she enjoys being a paranormal investigator and family game nights.