Angie Brocker

Not Thankful by Angie Brocker at

Not Thankful

Not Thankful written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   I’m not thankful for the deceitful lies spit out in spiteful anger or manipulative moves thrown...
Anger Issues, written by Angie Brocker at

Anger Issues

Anger Issues written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   I never wanted anger to enter my heart But I wonder what color my soul is now Some things just...
Burnt Toast, written by Angie Brocker at

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast written by: Angie Brocker @angie_brocker   “Good Morning,” she stated with no inflection or intention behind her words Her hope remained h...
Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker

Angie Brocker is a married mother of 4 grown children. She has a BA in English Literature and recently completed her first novel. In her spare time, she enjoys being a paranormal investigator and family game nights.