Silent Killer, written by Any1mark at

Silent Killer

Silent Killer written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   Hate knaws at me Teeth chewing on leather Absolving my indifference Price of caring varies But doing nothi...
Reaching Up, a poem written by Any1mark at

Reaching Up

Reaching Up written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   I touched the sky My trembling hands stretched Clouds danced against fingers My stress fading ever so...
Within, a micropoem written by Any1mark at


Within written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   I wear shadows My details subdued Hidden within fluff Chameleons are jealous You know me Although to mys...
Awaiting written by Any1mark at


Awaiting written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   Twilight calls softly Yellow pales, corroding to orange Breezes summon a chill The day spills toward nig...
Desire written by Any1mark at


Desire written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   It's not stealing your breath It's you not wanting it back It's the eyes that sparkle They plunge me into ...
Carved written by Any1mark at


Carved written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   What material is one carved? Flimsy clumps or rigid stone Upon whose hand creates an image Or does the ima...
Coming Change written by Any1mark at

Coming Change

Coming Change written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   Mist beckons across still ponds Caress of warmth against the chill Softening morning’s wake up call ...
Time written by Any1mark at


Time written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   Does the alarm feel anxiety? As those moments tick by Is there a double check? Awakening to call for awakeni...


Mark, a traveler with a working problem. I spend my time writing poetry, flash fiction, and taking pictures of the world. I have time because I'm waiting for the Ckeveland Browns to win a Super Bowl.