Foggy written by Any1mark at


Foggy written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   The misty morning beckons thin white haze blankets world Trees become ghosts Birds spirits, light changes ...
Waves written by Any1mark at


Waves written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   Dreams flee like sand castles at high tide their elegance lay slanting Waters edge Soft scissors nipping a...
Once Was written by Any1mark at

Once Was

Once Was written by: Any1mark @Any1mark66   What once was Dreams danced in light Feelings run unhindered Life flowed like waterfalls My spirit casc...
Anymore written by Any1mark at


Anymore written by: Any1mark @any1mark66   Your shadow is gone Long lost embers turned ash The crease you put in my life lingers History nicely name...
My Heart by Any1mark at

My Heart

My Heart written by: Any1mark @Any1mark66   My heart needs to replace you. There a void left still. I stopped maintaining it. I no longer look for sign...


Mark, a traveler with a working problem. I spend my time writing poetry, flash fiction, and taking pictures of the world. I have time because I'm waiting for the Ckeveland Browns to win a Super Bowl.