Transcendence written by Camille at


Transcendence written by: Camille @gowerrichelle75   In a long forgotten land I wander. Sense of time and place have no meaning here. I am everything...
The Weed written by Camille at

The Weed

The Weed written by: Camille @gowerrichelle75   To some the weed is an ugly invader. To me it is a thing of beauty, determined and single minded, Tal...
Father written by Camille at


Father written by: Camille @gowerrichelle75   Daddy do you see what you have done? Bitter poison covertly injected and you -  the anesthetist. ...
Fortress written by Camille at


Fortress written by: Camille @gowerrichelle75   Get up! Get out! You're dying there, The world is waiting, you're ripe for change. What's keeping ...


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