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Pegasus written by: Cindy Medina @Cindy_M65   Great Square of Pegasus what might you portend? Ascending the eastern sky pierced by peaked roof; une...
Horror written by Cindy Medina at


Horror written by: Cindy Medina @Cindy_M65   Concussive blast: Dread mushroom cloud roiling upwards: Flesh-melting horror.   NOTE FROM THE A...
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Time written by: Cindy Medina @Cindy_M65   Coveted Youth is in departure there is no denying this is so. Fond reminiscing and sad regrets won't turn...
Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina

Cindy is working very hard at becoming a published author and poet. She has written five novel-length stories, is working on two others besides. Also nearly 200 Haiku poems and a handful of Western lyrical poems. Otherwise she's a lifelong amateur astronomer, weather watcher, avid reader, and (last but certainly not least) married 24 years to D.