Dani Gray

Dark Waters written by Gray Skies at Spillwords.com

Dark Waters

Dark Waters written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   I learned to swim the waters of silence long ago. A decade of cold shoulder, highlighted with the ...
Dream Girl written by Gray Skies at Spillwords.com

Dream Girl

Dream Girl written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   Can you promise that I'll still be your dream girl once you've woken? That I won't just be forsaken afte...
Light House written by Gray Skies at Spillwords.com

Light House

Light House written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   You ask which one I am, the light house or the sea? "Both." I say, "At any given time I can be the ...
Mountain Mist written by Gray Skies at Spillwords.com

Mountain Mist

Mountain Mist Written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   You wonder what happened to the girl you broke, the girl you abandoned and left for dead, the gir...
Last Request written by Gray Skies at Spillwords.com

Last Request

Last Request written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   It's been too long since I have held you with my eyes or hands. Too long since I have heard your l...
Hard to Keep at Spillwords.com

Hard to Keep

Hard to Keep written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   Laying here, pressed against one another, head resting on your chest I can almost forget that we’r...
Tide at Spillwords.com


Tide written by: Gray Skies @seattlegray03   Sometimes the sheer force of the storms she'd weathered over took the sparkle in her eyes. The heavy dark...
Dani Gray

Dani Gray

Dani is a Seattle base writer #grayskies She is passionate about words, rain, crows, and fountain pens. You can usually find her where the tides are crashing in.