Silenced written by Dragonsilk at Spillwords.com


Silenced written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   The first shaky steps of a toddler. The shy quiet walk of the child. The stride of teenage angst. The exu...
Why written by Dragonsilk at Spillwords.com


Why written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   So much intolerance. So many unkind voices, calloused minds, callous souls. So why let others feed our hate, f...
Lives lived written by Dragonsilk at Spillwords.com

Lives Lived

Lives lived written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   What secrets hide in an old locked diary. A faded cover gives no hint of the life's story within. An e...
A Caress written by Dragonsilk at Spillwords.com

A Caress

A Caress written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   In the sun dappled shade soft fingers of breeze touch like a lovers caress....
Empty written by Dragonsilk at Spillwords.com


Empty written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   Empty spaces Empty places Empty faces where smiles once lived Vacant lots Vacant houses Vacant eyes where o...
Whisper at Spillwords.com


Whisper written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   A distant whisper. The susurrus of sea grass at dusk as a ghost breeze blows...
Bereft at Spillwords.com


Bereft The Sadness of Terror written by: Dragonsilk @dragons1lk   A grey filled day, the colour of tears. Bitter hot, scalding souls with anger and l...


I am a textile artist, living in and inspired by the incredible North Wales scenery. My paintings, photographs and writing is informed and inspired by the myths, legends, flora and fauna of the wild places.