Crack-wide written by Georgy at


Crack-wide written by: Georgy   I leave the door A crack-wide open, As I feel It bids the light on in. But ever since My heart was broken, It reve...
Thank You written by Georgy at

Thank You

Thank You written by: Georgy   You were not the best, Yet, you taught me To love myself. You taught me To respect myself. You made me A stronger, ...


I am 20 years old and an economics student. My passion, true self and my safehaven, though, lie in literature, in writing. Hence, I aspire to becoming a published author, as I would love to share my work and am currently working on my first novel. In general my life consists of writing, making music, enjoying motor racing (yes, despite being a girl) and sweets (lots and lots of sweets).