G.R. Weslo

Withdrawal written by G.R. Weslo at Spillwords.com


Withdrawal written by: G.R. Weslo @broccoli0001   As I lay in a bed of my own making I feel the pain cling to my nerves. I read anguish written on my ...
Pain written by G.R. Weslo at Spillwords.com


Pain written by: G.R. Weslo   Shaking hands Shallow breathing Life impending Death condemning Hell is existence alone Where nothing repeats except ...
My Soul written by G.R. Weslo at Spillwords.com

My Soul

My Soul written by: G.R. Weslo   It's a smile It's a look There's pure happiness But it's tainted by the sadness of loss It's spoiled by the knowledge o...
Testimony written by G.R. Weslo at Spillwords.com


Testimony written by: G.R. Weslo   Three stone pillars stretch to a Sun Blinding them as it shines Always seeing what was They never can see what will A...
G.R. Weslo

G.R. Weslo

Writing is the only way I can be the crazy out of my head