Human Nature by Jessikalynn1980 at

Human Nature

Human Nature written by: Jessikalynn1980 @jessikalynn1980   Why is it human nature not to think about the words spoken and the pain they may cause? Hav...
The Roses by Jessikalynn1980 at

The Roses

The Roses written by: Jessikalynn1980 @jessikalynn1980   A delightful scent The aroma fills the air Dancing like little fairies Playing with your hair....
Sail Away by Jessikalynn1980 at

Sail Away

Sail Away written by: Jessikalynn1980 @jessikalynn1980   Sail away into The darkest of night Let the dreams escape Release your worry and fright. This...
The Joining by Jessikalynn1980 at

The Joining

The Joining written by: Jessikalynn1980 @jessikalynn1980   Tantalizing and pleasing She nibbled his lips Growing tired of her teasing His hands foun...


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