Going Home, a poem written by LadyLily at

Going Home

Going Home written by: LadyLily @AFairymary   I patiently wait… As you cling to every breath, phantom listeners watch, an invisible force hovers. B...
Worlds, a poem written by LadyLily at


Worlds written by: LadyLily @AFairymary   On this surface our stories tend to perform a nomadic function, freedom from struggle is rare. Monstrous ...
The Snowman written by LadyLily at

The Snowman

The Snowman written by: LadyLily @AFairymary   There he stands, a heart-throb of Winter. Our stiff limbed man, hugged by ginger mists, Voiceless in a...
Time Recedes written by Time Recedes at

Time Recedes

Time Recedes written by: LadyLily @AFairymary   Nudges of flurried air, refined as a Swan’s glance. Lilac Violas compete for the next violet rays, ...
Predator written by LadyLily at


Predator written by: LadyLily @AFairymary   Saturday night, Shelton’s Shebeen. Stony cellar steps, silent goat stews, rice and peas bubble. Red Stripe runn...


Love writing poetry in all styles, stories and working on a novel. Subjects range widely... about life in this world and the next, the beauty of the natural world and the grip of human emotions. First volume of poems self-published on Amazon kindle. 'LadyLily's Poems, Book 1, Wonders of Nature, Life Slices, Life After Life & Netherworlds.