What If? written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com

What If?

What If? written by: L.M. Giannone @LISAGNO   What if time stood still And nothing ever changed If no one ever touched us And we remained the same Wha...
Fade to Gray written by L.M.Giannone at Spillwords.com

Fade To Gray

Fade to Gray written by: L.M.Giannone @LISAGNO   Pillow dangling over the edge of your side of the bed indentation in the satin sheets where you used t...
Lacrimosa written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com


Lacrimosa written by: L.M.Giannone @LISAGNO   there’s a hopping crowd across the street a band plays music with salsa beat people enjoying laughs and s...
Oasis written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com


Oasis written by: L.M.Giannone @LISAGNO   Dunes shift as clouds of sand skip through the air Across this vast arid desert you’re a welcoming oasis Your...
Absinthe written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com


Absinthe written by: L.M. Giannone @LISAGNO   Just when I’d given up hope Had all but packed my bags Heading down the road to isolation I encountered a...
Marionette written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com


Marionette written by: L.M.Giannone @LISAGNO   Standing back from these burning embers Ashes that once represented my life Once filled with blissful ha...


L. M. Giannone is a writer and poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Southern Connecticut, Lisa transplanted herself in California to escape the harsh winters and summers of New England. She is the author of No Vacancy, a collection of humorous personal essays, and A Touch of Noir, a collection of short stories written in noir style. She has two books in the works for 2017 publication.