Defy the Gods written by Nobby66 at

Defy The Gods

Defy the Gods written by: Nobby66 @douglas97_s   Is happiness an earthbound illusion? made up to cause human confusion by spiteful Gods who should know...
Remembrance Reality written by Nobby66 at

Remembrance Reality

Remembrance Reality written by: Nobby66 @douglas97_s   Got out of bed, shaved my bald head, suited booted, not usual sloppy, pinned on my curl-edged Le...
Gladiator by Nobby66 at


Gladiator written by: Nobby66 @douglas97_s   Gladiator.                                                                                  (Swordsman) ...


Write poems of all genres, particularly narrative writes about people, life events and the world we live in. Haikus and Tankas when I can. Like short stories too, a little drama and monologue works also in my stuff.
Reside in the Dark Kingdom of Lancashire, England.