Rando Mithlo

We Exist written by Rando Mithlo at Spillwords.com

We Exist

We Exist written by: Rando Mithlo @Rodhnoe   Call to pale, lover come In the golden arms of sun Sea surface cries And bluster grew 'Til tide is ful...
Under Attitude by Rando Mithlo at Spillwords.com

Under Attitude

Under Attitude written by: Rando Mithlo @Rodhnoe   There's a dearth of substance As the night hours bend Mind wears the pattern seen And repetition wo...
Coloyry by Rando Mithlo at Spillwords.com


Coloyry written by: Rando Mithlo @Rodhnoe   Summit Metropark, Akron OH. September 3, 2029 As I stroll through the blueish woods on the trail of the me...
Rando Mithlo

Rando Mithlo

-Artist and Writer from Los Angeles currently living in Indiana- the bulk of my writings are short stories and poems that deal with a range of subjects including: emotional distress, strange happenings, thrillers and suspense stories.