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Ghost written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   Don’t think I don’t care about you, darling, I’ll just always be married to death. I can’t imagine a g...
Yellow written by Robbie Masso at


Yellow written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   Premonitions of premonitions, fears of fears - he lives miserably in clothes he hates that hold year...
H. written by Robbie Masso at


H. written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   “I spent time researching which over-the-counters I can overdose with, if push comes to shove.” she said...
Power written by Robbie Masso at


Power written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   He had too much empathy, and not enough power, to play God with others, so he played God on himself....
Sheep written by Robbie Masso at


Sheep written by: Robbie Masso @robbie.masso   Am I not worth your precious time, just because I wrote more than a sentence and it’s not about love? D...
Robbie Masso

Robbie Masso

Aspiring writer influenced by the likes of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Langston Hughes, etc.