Author: Stanley Wilkin

Murder for Fun written by Stanley Wilkin at

Murder For Fun

Murder for Fun written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   The murder had occurred somewhere between 7 and 8 in the evening. It had by all accounts been particularly horrible with rivers of blood and profusions of gore. That was the …
MY THOUGHTS written by Stanley Wilkin at


MY THOUGHTS written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   My thoughts are like clouds Drifting slowly, My thoughts are like fire Burning fiercely, My thoughts are like air Invisible but life-giving; My thoughts are mine.
DANCING IN TIME! written by Stanley Wilkin at


DANCING IN TIME! written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Intense and distant, the sun Slid imperceptibly upward through the yellowing sky As the ships powered across the water Oars cutting into the waves. Like a crumbling sentinel, on the cragged …
Afghanistan Sniper written by Stanley Wilkin at

Afghanistan Sniper

Afghanistan Sniper written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   1. The sun was maliciously hot that day in June. The heat swelled his dusty wounds Still raw from crawling- He circumvented the Taliban Dragging his rifle through the grass: Who’s the …
Tormentors written by Stanley Wilkin at


Tormentors written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   The sun flashed into his eyes as he peered out of the foliage. He tightened his grip on his rifle. He moved his head back into the shadows sinking slowly once more into …
Shadows written by Stanley Wilkin at


Shadows written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Sunset shadows creep across the wall, Memories flit through the mind Coagulating into an unlit pool Where dissembling thoughts unwind. Then all is utter darkness, Opaque, a descent into barely contained distress. Thoughts …
Deficiency of Kindness by Stanley Wilkin at

Deficiency Of Kindness

deficiency of kindness written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   The sunrise burns the sky A carefully coloured explosion Blooded light flooding the low Kent fields that lie Before Maidstone, excreting soundless motion: Yellow carnation shards sway With this violent advent …
WHAT NOW......? written by Stanley Wilkin at


WHAT NOW......? written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   What now, the loss of limbs in a distant conflagration? The seeping brains amongst poppy fields? The myriad nature of violent death, outside of journalistic imagination A grind of experience on which …
Beautiful Moroccan by Stanley Wilkin at

Beautiful Moroccan

BEAUTIFUL MOROCCAN written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Dressed in black, dark eyes amused She strolls into a room With the specialised tread Of a femme fatale, Tossing her streaming hair in arrogant joy. Her perfect body Contains the calm …
Casual Embrace written by Stanley Wilkin at

Casual Embrace

Casual Embrace written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Mutual embrace severed Out of politeness, leg Removed from leg we pulled Apart desiring separation In the afterglow. An affair just begun Is like a morning After storms, the Sun sliding through …
Incandescent written by Stanley Wilkin at


Incandescent written by: Stanley Wilkin @catalhuyuk   Incandescent, the mystic sign burrowed into Their untarnished consciousness Depositing meaning where before, In related specie, there’d been none. Ok, At first it didn’t seem such a big thing but Later, much later, …