Thomas Park

Christmastime by Thomas Park at


Christmastime written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Survived another year, Its end draws close Sometimes marked with coat of snow As hairs turn white...
Patuxent by Thomas Park at


Patuxent written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Mild winters, cool summers Backyard angled down to brackish river Small sailboat, bright yellow "Sunf...
Pinball Wizard by Thomas Park at

Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Pull the metal armature, let spring go The ball shoots onto the field With luck, dexterity, gai...
To Hamlet by Thomas Park at

To Hamlet

To Hamlet written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   To be or not to be Son of broken marriage Slated for big things Too young to be philosophical Perspe...
Ottawa, Kansas by Thomas Park at

Ottawa, Kansas

Ottawa, Kansas written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Midwestern town, West of Kansas City 2 stops on the highway Mundane to tourist? Home and world ...
A Love Poem by Thomas Park at

A Love Poem

A Love Poem written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   "My humps". My bumps. The poem, a tease Erotic words, turns of phrase Underneath photo Of young pho...
Chicago by Thomas Park at


Chicago written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   The wind hits hard Called "The Hawk" Memories blown, currents of air Twin lions protect the museum Fin...
Away To School by Thomas Park at

Away To School

Away To School written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   The previous summer, had grown moody Tired of routine, brashly Exhausted of family Total escape...
Saturday AM by Thomas Park at

Saturday AM

Saturday AM written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Early in the morning Springtime The birds mated Chirping loudly outside my window Traffic sounds f...
Thomas Park

Thomas Park

Thomas Park is a multi-disciplinary artist living with his wife and 2 cats in Saint Louis, Missouri. A big poetic inspiration is Philip Levine with his works that pay tribute to hard-working people. Thomas would like to follow in Mr. Levine's footsteps.