Thomas Park

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Norman written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Life goes by quickly And there is much to do Duties need attending to, and that is Norman's purpose ...
Patuxent by Thomas Park at


Patuxent written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Mild winters, cool summers Backyard angled down to brackish river Small sailboat, bright yellow "Sunf...
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Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard written by: Thomas Park @mystified131   Pull the metal armature, let spring go The ball shoots onto the field With luck, dexterity, gai...
Thomas Park

Thomas Park

Thomas Park is a multi-disciplinary artist living with his wife and 2 cats in Saint Louis, Missouri. A big poetic inspiration is Philip Levine with his works that pay tribute to hard-working people. Thomas would like to follow in Mr. Levine's footsteps.