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1973 written by: TM Arko @terry.arko   I won't Wear no stinking badges or march in a Boy Scout brigade I won't Wear no Fruit of The Loom T-shirts...
Soul Traveler written by TM Arko at

Soul Traveler

Soul Traveler written by: TM Arko @terry.arko   I am floating like a cork on the ocean Gliding like a feather on the wind Rolling like a rock in a land...
TM Arko

TM Arko

I live in the Pacific Northwest. A small community with farms and antique shops. Lots of rivers and lakes and these are some of the themes I like. I am a technical writer by trade so poetry offers me an escape from the more mundane industrial articles I work on day to day. I love music and am a classic rock fanatic. Love good books and stories too.