Morning Glory by JOHN BAVERSTOCK at
Children, a poem written by Heidi Baker at
Gematria, poetry written by Ethan Lesley at
Reaching Up, a poem written by Any1mark at


TREES, a poem written by Anne G, poet and writer, at


TREES written by: Anne G @TheInkTruth   Inspired by nature designed by the gods TREES hold the wisdom of ages and time Nurtured by rains of fire a...
Punch Start, beat poetry written by SMiles at

Punch Start

Punch Start written by: SMiles @stephenmiles2   Punched as a sucker might expect to receive a knee bend failing the quest in an endeavour to pleas...
Soledad, a poem written by Miss Dragos at


Soledad written by: Miss Dragos @ThatBerryWolf   No quiero estar sola pero es mi rutina es la vida que llevo sin más compañía. Que vienen y vu...
Solitude, a poem written by hedgehog, a retired Civil Servant, at


Solitude written by: hedgehog   When all alone and in retreat I sit so quiet whilst on this seat My mind at rest as I sit and think Knowing that I am...