RECLUSIVE ME written by Dilip Mohapatra at
Oxytocin written by Precibus at
Autumn's Quilt written by LadyLily at
Self-Talk written by Jacob Damstra at


My Jacket written by Luiz Syphre at

My Jacket

My Jacket written by: Luiz Syphre @poetandkids   This is my jacket.  It's torn, with huge holes and it's old and not worth a penny. This is the j...
Remedy written by Meno Silencio at


Remedy written by: Meno Silencio @herdlesswitch   A copse of aspen, And I close my eyes, Fall tickling my frail bones As you kiss my longing, Make ...
Awake written by Gavin Haycock at


Awake written by: Gavin Haycock @poetry_pieces   polished lines of cars and cloth these dark stars emerge without sound they arrive, largely silent...