Encore Please written by Anne G at Spillwords.com
Summer Thrills written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com
Twin Soul written by Mazena Mackoit at Spillwords.com
One More Day written by Laura Hughes at Spillwords.com


Tattoo written by J. G. Elas at Spillwords.com


Tattoo written by: J. G. Elas @jsphelas   IF BOOKS COULD SPEAK, they’d keep me safe more than you. I can hang the words in the air like stars to lig...
NO ONE written by Leanne Neill at Spillwords.com


NO ONE written by: Leanne Neill @LeanneNeill2   No one bats an eye-lid, raises another proverbial eyebrow, queries, wonders; asks who or why? Tha...
Tryst written by Polly Oliver at Spillwords.com


Tryst written by: Polly Oliver @Polrocksnbones   I want to bring you the pink wisp hanging alone in the still blue of this October afternoon; the br...
Refit, a poem written by SMiles at Spillwords.com


Refit written by: SMiles @stephenmiles2   Dream boat Daisy grounded my shore a maritime disaster, relationship nightmare I slept sound, down in my bu...