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Children Of War

written by: Bernard Harris/Benkku Poems



As a child, I watched the, world
around me burn.
Witnessed lost souls,
Walking broken and torn,
Orphaned infants, born.
Wore the rain, like a coat,
walked for days,
To keep, my mind afloat.
Treading life's storm,
without a boat.
Searching desperately, for hope.
For my mind's, tormented,
and broke.
All I see, is smoke,
all I hear,
Of what was,
in the,


(c)Bernard Harris
A.K.A. Benkku Poems



I write about life, that few desire, to express.

Bernard Harris A.K.A. BenkkuPoems

Bernard Harris A.K.A. BenkkuPoems

Lived in America, Finland and Switzerland. Traveled to over 10 country's. Languages: English, Finnish, German, Swiss German. Sing, Compose, Play piano. Knowledge of, laws.
Bernard Harris A.K.A. BenkkuPoems

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