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written by: Shona Trussell



Black and strong or creamy and smooth
Our early morning terrors it soothes
The rich taste and pleasant aroma
Brings us round from our overnight coma
‘Put the kettle on’ is our families favourite phrase
It’s a welcome accompaniment to all sorts of days
If you’re tired, hosting guests, having a moment's peace or getting stressed
The beautiful full-bodied coffee is always best!

Shona Trussell

Shona Trussell

I'm Shona Trussell from the United Kingdom. I live in the midlands as a Home care assistant for the elderly. I live with my partner and my little boy Michael who is almost two. I've self published one short story via Create space available on Amazon called Just Like Sabrina and I'm currently working on a collection of poems and reflections to self publish again this year.
Shona Trussell

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