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Crimson and Clear

written by: G.R. Weslo


I'm a monster
Not Frankenstein or Dracula
I am not clothed in fur
Not am I armed with fangs and claws
I am much like you
My blood no less crimson
My sweat no less clear or salty
It is not the armor nor the weapons that make men or monsters
It is their intentions
I made my choices ill advised and seldom thought out
Laid in a bed of my own creation my daemons sing me to sleep
For as I walk Hell follows me
Not it is not in compassion as two friends walk
It is accounting like a wolf among sheep
I am haunted by my motives and my choices cut me deep and long
Redemption sits with bated breath and waits
It is widowed by my past and abused by my future
I am not a zombie nor am I a dragon to be slain
But still knights sharing my name have tried
And the forged savagery from my soul lives in a not-so-savage world
My million pardons have come to an end
But pity is not what I seek, it never was
And you should not doll it out, like slop to hungry pigs, I do not deserve it
After all I am a monster

G.R. Weslo

G.R. Weslo

Writing is the only way I can be the crazy out of my head
G.R. Weslo

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