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written by: The Quiet Quill



Hello up there in the Spotlight,
Do you remember how it feels,
To be you, just you, not someone's toy?
Don't you know you're no big deal?
But there you are, centre stage,
Standing smug and proud,
Faking yet another smile and
Adored by all the crowds.
Nothing in the real world lifts you up
Like the praise you hear in applause,
The bright lights in your eyes have blinded you
And hide the truth in your beautiful flaws.
So, hello up there in the Spotlight,
All eyes are on you in awe,
No one can see the sadness
Behind the reasons you do this for.
Come down here out of the limelight
And take off your high heels,
Be You again and share some joy,
There are moments left to steal.
It's time for the final scene,
It's time for curtain down,
It's time to return to the real world for good,
So go ahead and take a bow.

The Quiet Quill

The Quiet Quill

AUGUST 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Writer. Poet. Observer.

An open book with a few words tucked away. I have many thoughts to think and many feelings to feel, which I exorcise through poetry; my therapy.
The Quiet Quill

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