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Dear Her

written by: devereaux frazier



Dear Her
I never thought I’d meet you
Everything I could have asked for
And so much more
Contained in one body
A mind open to the complexities of an autistic mind
A soul listening to the beat of my drum
And a heart putting forth a smile
Every time I think of your name
I’m distraught
How I spent so much time
Looking in so many places
When everything I wanted
Was right there
Barely bloomed
Spunky rose
Yet so pretty
And I hope to be near you
So soon
If I could trade every dream
About every other
I would
I would because you’re all
And none
Placing my thoughts
At your feet
Like petals
Before a queen
I confess my truth
Before my heart
I confess my sins
I write both beast
And beauty
And you fulfill
Both of me

devereaux frazier

devereaux frazier

Baltimorean poet and blogger. Published on Teen Ink, with four articles winning the Editors Choice Award, and Literary Arts Review. Article titled "Less Than Human" featured in Teen Ink's magazine. Lead Kansas Chiefs Chiefs writer for KCSportsNation. Currently writing a YA novel.
devereaux frazier

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