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written by: Kia Jones



What shall I wear? Oh God, what shall I wear?
The responsibility of this one, Is more than I can bear.
My favourite jeans, no longer are, Since helping hubby fix the car!
My best-est top has now ceased to exist,
Nothing matches anymore,
There’s just piles and piles upon the floor,
Of clothes and socks and even my shoes,
Screaming inside, I cry, WHAT CAN I DO?.
In my mind I watch the flames, as they curl and twist up high,
I see the bonfire in the garden, and me cackling at the sky.
In my mind I also see, the scissors, big and sharp,
Maybe I shall transform this mess, into a wearable piece of art?
A car boot sale enters my brain,
But I really can’t be arsed,
That’s too much work, right here and now,
I need to get dressed, and get dressed FAST.
The pressure is on, the panic sets in,
Just grab something that makes me look thin,
Great this will do, I no longer have time,
This is ok…. I’m sure I’ll look fine.
I get downstairs, and give my man a kiss,
But I can’t resist the burning question….
“Do I look fat in this”????

Kia Jones

Kia Jones

DECEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
A spiritualist a dreamer an abuse survivor. Somebody that believes in the intangible, the impossible and the incredible strength and resilience of the spirit.

Writing saved my mind 🙂
Kia Jones

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