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Endless Longing

written by: Violet Tudor



My hand reaches, extended fingertips
feeling the tangle before tangible touch,
eyes feeling the gaze, locked desire,
the way unspoken words feel their
way from my heart to yours. My lips
feeling the brush of yours, my spine
arching, neck extending, a long inhale,
the feeling of my cheek against your
chest, the sound of your heart beating
notes of the ecstasy in the night, the
way we fit together, the definition
of complete,
And longing, longing, the endless longing…

Violet Tudor

Violet Tudor

Violet — the moth-soft flower blooming amidst the thorns ensconcing her fragile heart. The notes of a forgotten melody slipping across time.
Violet Tudor, English poetess slipping from 'Panic Spring' moments to become the creator of Petal Sighs, The Sadness and the Softness, The Persephone Quintet, and the Coffee Fueled Moments series.
Violet Tudor

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