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Fallen Soldiers

written by: Brian Wayne Smith



Army cries

Battle wounds

Soldiers die

Where are the tombs?

Why fight?

Freedom hide

Wave the flag

Stars & Stripes

Too many years

When will it end?

Families’ cries

“Hate this war”

"Support our Troops"

"Bring them home"

People Spoken

Not enough

Families' loss

Children suffer

Babies’ steps

Never seen

Fallen Soldiers

What does it mean?

Widows made

Fallen Soldiers

Mothers missed

Fallen Soldiers

Tears flow

Fallen Soldiers

Life stopped,


College money

Sign the line

Our children

Government Issued

Fallen Soldiers

Starts Again

Brian Wayne Smith

Brian Wayne Smith

My name is Brian Smith. My writing pieces may have a different style than the "normal" pattern of poetry, and I'm totally okay with that. It's my individuality that will get notice. Not the pattern it was written in. I speak from my heart and share personal experiences. What started as an outlet to clear my head became a passion and I love it.
Brian Wayne Smith

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