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Foot Steps & Rose Petals

written by: Mario William Vitale



Feet, hair, hands & waist
Each drop carelessly penetrates our
restless bodies and minds
Its capacity appears intense,
forcing a reluctant flash to brighten the sky
As the gentle thumps progress, our spirits are rising

Foot steps & Rose petals
This causes a pleasant warmness between us that can never be replaced...
Nothing else in this world can feel so right
Our arms chivalrously embrace like two souls
Fighting victoriously for your love
Now only shadows are identified in the surrounding flashes

Suddenly, caressing is misinterpreted by lustful advances
This chemistry soon becomes increasingly vivacious
Until one solemn word manifests from his lips
Instantly, the mood has vanished

Our wonderfully enhanced moment is lost,
leaving behind my emotions to slowly crumble inside.
faces, lips & hands
Hopefully someday soon I will understand?


The work evokes a sense of pleasant laughter throughout a society in chaos.
A challenge to be socially free is only a question of time.

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale a published poet being featured writer on Writerscafe.
Having over 1,000 poems toward his platform.
Born in Bristol, Ct he currently lives in Wolcott.
Mario William Vitale

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