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Half-Buried By Change

written by: Dah



How quickly moving
another season crosses the sun
the months
with their transformations

I can name the motion
of each season
the stars boiling over
or the moon’s muscles

decomposing in morning’s light
or a rousing dawn
setting fire to the ocean
the flames dipping

in the strips
of lifting waves
that skip across the shore
to be

choked down by sand
and sealed, like a crypt
The end of summer
is an old animal

molting, shedding, losing fur
like a dog
that no longer licks its balls
its tongue dry and thirsty

I’m sucking juice from a plum
while the first autumn leaf
ripples with the breeze
together they make crestfallen music

that is sweeter than this fruit
sadder than this poem
The light is different now
almost fragile



Dah’s fourth poetry collection is The Translator (Transcendent Zero Press, 2015) and his poetry has been published by editors from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, China, Spain, Australia, Africa, Philippines and India. His poems have recently appeared in Straylight Magazine, Otoliths, The Cape Rock, Acumen Journal, Sandy River Review, Indian River Review, The Linnet’s Wings, and Junto Magazine. Dah lives in Berkeley, California and is working on the manuscript for his sixth poetry book. ‘Harbinger Asylum Magazine’ nominated Dah’s poem “Some god” for the 2017 Pushcart Prize. He is the chief editor of ‘The Lounge’, a poetry critique group, and his fifth book is forthcoming in 2018, also from Transcendent Zero Press.

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