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he can walk

written by: Grant Guy


in the middle of the night
between truck stops
& 3:00 am waitresses
unimaginable monsters await at underpasses
aliens from outer space hover beyond
to levitate me into their flying saucer
& just ahead jesus is thumbing a ride
he could keep me company
maybe share the driving.
we could talk about our favorite wines
wedding parties & parents

o christ
he is wearing a baseball cap

ah fuck it
he can walk

Grant Guy

Grant Guy

Grant Guy is a Winnipeg poet, writer and playwright. Was the artistic director of Adhere And Deny for 16 years. He has three books published; On The Bright Side of Down, Bus Stop Bus Stop and Open Fragments, and the chapbook Crooked Observations. His poems and stories have been published in Canada, the United States and England.
Grant Guy

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