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Highway 35

written by: Stacey


It was a spring day that looked like winter upon that awful day/
When 15 Broncos leapt from the chutes skyward and from us got away/
On a lonely prairie highway, 14 Broncos still holding onto the reins/
We hear them galloping in the silence and prayers for Humboldt we pray.

Every hockey town and heart in Canada felt the pain yesterday/
We don't expect our young men to leave us early, especially not on skates/
We watched them grow up skating on ponds and now they've gone away/
We lift our lips to heaven and prayers for Humboldt we pray.

It was a lonely crossroads on the way to a semifinal game/
Heading North, the Humboldt Broncos, went bucking into fate/
We cannot forget your lives and faces, etched on our hearts to stay/
Your voices cascade off our lips and prayers for Humboldt we pray.

Saskatchewan, you cold, cruel mistress, couldn't you spare us yesterday?/
We love our sons and daughters and don't want you to steal them away/
We will hold each other closer, be better to each other who remain/
To hold our hockey towns together, as prayers for Humboldt we pray.

As we pick up all the pieces, of our hearts broken on that dark Friday/
We remember the phone call from a young man, full of shock and pain/
29 Broncos on the bus met a semi trailer at the intersection of the highway/
Over the conscience of the wind, prayers for Humboldt we pray.

Sun setting, 2 vehicles meet/
Long lighting, trees obscuring/
Are the crossroads on Friday/
Out on the lonely plain/
Hockey players on the way/
To play for their dreams/
Game 5 of a make or break series/
A semi-trailer crossing/
Then a father kneeling/
Crying on one cold knee/
Because his boy is gone/
And he don't know what to do/
Humboldt we pray for you.

First good Samaritans passing by/
Then first responders took over the scene/
Came from Nipiwan and Humboldt/
to help the team/
And STARS was there/
We waited through the night/
Saturday, it hurt, all right/
Even Grapes cried/
And we asked, "Why? Why? Why?"

Through the Living Skies 15 Broncos ride/
They tow Humboldt's heart, its love and pride/
15 young men, you left too soon, unwillingly/
We set you free and 14 Broncos remain/
To arise from the wreckage and hold onto the reins.

North, on Highway 35
North, on Highway 35
North, on Highway 35
You left us alone
On April 6, 2018.



Highway 35 is a tribute to the Humboldt Broncos and the Town of Humboldt, meant to pay respect and honour to them.



Stacey Provence is a Canadian writer and thinker whose work challenges the status quo and ranges from non-fiction activism and political commentary to fiction, poetry, and essays.

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