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written by: Natalia Aeschliman



Humanity,  what have we become?
Hating our fellow men,
Only because of their different views
Closing off your brains
Because you refuse to learn
Humanity,  what will your children say?
When earth begins to die,
When they have nowhere to play.
Where is compassion?
Oh wait,
It got eaten by greed,
Eaten by hate,
Because you're too much of a coward
To feel love
Unless they think just like you?
What you can't see,
Is that we are all in this together
Yet you turn the other way
Because my voice doesn't matter
Because I am no one of power
Because I am just a woman,
But let me tell you about love
Let me tell you how great it feels
To help someone in need
No matter their ethnicity
Smiles are all the same language
Let me tell you how your heart breaks
Yet bleeds light
When they feel they are finally being heard
And even if my lips can't move
My arms can definitely hug.
I have no power
I have no freedom
But you're killing senseless
In the name of what?
Peace?  Equality?
Hiding behind your guns
Hiding behind your blindness
But what do I know, right?
I'm just a pagan,  with  her candles and crystals
A tree hugging hippie,
But let me tell you,
When you finally come to realize
The savage you have become
The violence that lives in your heart
Will eat you up,
That's when we will meet,
I've seen it already.
When you walk up to me
And ask me to heal you,
And ask me for spiritual guidance,
That's when you will realize,
That while you are busy
Burning the world with hate
Some of us are lighting the world with love
Because at the end of the day
Love will always prevail.

Natalia Aeschliman

Natalia Aeschliman

MAY 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
My name is Natalia, I was born in Puerto Rico. I live a very simple life with my husband and 2 beautiful kids.
I keep my heart humble, and my words beautifully vulnerable.
I write because it is in my soul.
I write because I don't know how to live without it.
There's something beautiful that only poetry can create in your soul.
Natalia Aeschliman

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