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I Am Nothing

written by: Irriesse Chia



I am Nothing.
In the Nothing, I became
But eventually, I will find out
It was all for Nothing.
And in understanding it was Nothing,
I acknowledge that I always was


© 2017 Irriesse Chia

Irriesse Chia

Irriesse Chia

Irriesse Chia is a producer, director and writer of entertainment, game shows, reality, drama and film. As a broadcast production major and journalism minor at Western Michigan University, where she graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts, Magna Cum Laude, she reluctantly wrote her first poem in a creative writing class. A lover of the performing arts living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chia is reaching out to people through her writing, to inspire those who aspire to recreate their lives.
Irriesse Chia

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