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I Took Your Sorry

written by: Barsha


I took your sorry,
To kiss you a

I took your sorry,
To misguide your
Drunk soul,
On the holy grail
To Paradise.

I took your sorry,
To make your lungs
Inhale the fog of pain,
Rising from
Every inch of
Your skin.

I took your sorry,
To watch you rambling,
In the desert of Pain,
Through bushes and thorns
For the wild floweret of Love.

I took your sorry,
Just to witness the
Perturbed you;
Lending tears
Of your eyes,
To the withered
Rose of
Your bed.

I took your sorry,
To let you hold
The grains of your
Fading soul,
In the palm of your hand.

I took your sorry,
To make you chase
The shattered dreams,
With your fleeting shadow.

I took your sorry,
To scare you
With the light,
Of the dark truth.

I took your sorry,
To ting your
Jubilant memories
Of love,
With the dark truth
Of my funeral.

I took your sorry,
To make you
Feel my soul,
Curling inside you;
As and when
Your fingers trailed
My grave!



I am a student of history; literature is love...and writing is breathing. Striving hard to be a writer!

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