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I'm Home Within

written by: Mairi McLean



A refuge…

where tensions dissolve;

truth is spoken,

and conflict resolves.

Where wounds heal;

harmony returns,

and the soul reveals.


Hearth and heart are akin;

I’m home within.

Mairi McLean

Mairi McLean

I’ve been writing short poems forever…..now I’m setting some of them free; back into the ether to see where they land.

I enjoy the process of playing around with words…..waiting for a poem to emerge. I never force a poem…..they usually unfold spontaneously from something I’m feeling or observing. If I find myself overworking a poem I just scrap it, as the essence has been lost. Mostly it’s a mystery to me where they come from.

I now share poems regularly on my blog........Poems Set Free
Mairi McLean

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