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January’s Sparrow

written by: Bob Jensen


performed by: Sylvia Tyson



Now and at the hour

of our death, amen

My brother spoke these words as you exhaled


There was no resistance

as you left the world of men

That final breath a bolt

That left our hearts impaled


As you rested sweetly

upon that final morn

Your deep repose

A poultice to our fear


For surely your departure

in certitude and faith

would steel our hearts

when our bright dawn was near


It was a heavy sun

that broke the aching sky

To light the snowy hills

of blue Gaspe


I wondered why it bothered

What kept its arc in check

When January’s sparrow

Failed to reach the day


Each sorrow to our souls

like to the violin

the luthier’s coats of varnish

thinly honed


The wood a little darker

heavier, and still


A sweeter, softer tone

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen has been writing poetry, music and prose his whole life.
He currently resides in Prince Edward Island, Canada where he works as a booking agent for folk musicians from around the world.
His award winning novel, The Matchbox Funeral, is available on Amazon.
Bob Jensen

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Sylvia Tyson

Sylvia Tyson

Sylvia Tyson is a legend of the 1960s folk movement when she formed the duo Ian And Sylvia with Ian Tyson.Their early hit, Four Strong Winds was voted the greatest song ever written in Canada and has been covered by Neil Young and Johnny Cash.Sylvia shared a manager with such luminaries as Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin and was an important part of the 1960s folk movement.
She is a member of the Canadian Song Writers Hall of Fame and the recipient of Canada's highest civilian award, The Order of Canada.She continues to perform and record.
Sylvia Tyson

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