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Let Us Be

written by: Subrata Ray



Let us not spoil
In vain toil
The purity of our soul,
The innocence green,
In our own shrine,

Let us not be prey,
To black desire,
The wild Primeval fire,
And be weak and base.

Let us be conscious,
To grow and become,
By simple faith and conscience,
Amidst the evils of our survivals.

Let us be dull-reason beyond,
For the soul knows no law,
And farm the home with love profuse,
To be always with God's touch.

Subrata Ray

Subrata Ray

Poet Subrata Ray is a published author of several books by amazon, kindle, -publications and he has published more than 2000 poems in the global sites a Academy of American poems, Poem hunter, All Poetry, Poetry.com, face-book, and the poet's own site.
Subrata Ray

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