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written by: TM DiSarro



Lilith hands her ticket to the cashier at the gate, he hands her back some headphones and a map, then follows all the others to the ending of the line, and programs in the new museum app.
The tour begins as usual while they line up at the start, the teachers and the chaperones in front. A fixed anticipation now is pulling at her heart, as if she’s in some old familiar haunt.
The lines of demarcation known, they move in single file, into a great hall stopping here and there. While listening to a British accent woman in her ears, describing art as if she doesn’t care.
Wandering in tangent now, a sense of deja vu, she seems to know before the woman talks. The paintings are familiar in a sentient sort of way, uneasy now with every step she walks.
Lilith grows impatient as the line moves up the stairs, as if one floor of this was not enough. And at the top she feels as if she always has been here, then close behind she hears somebody cough.
And now she stands before a hallway mirror hung in space, the person looking back is always strange. There's something in the way she looks that's always out of place, a need for her to always rearrange.
A darkness in her soul that's always longed to be set free, she wishes for a time that's not her own. Looking for a life without chains to the powers that be, a space in time that she has never known.
And turning sharp around she sees her shadow on the floor, the sound of music suddenly fills the air. She also hears some laughter bleeding through the hallway door, with no one in the hall or on the stairs.
She walks up to the door with no admittance in her face, and pushes it wide open none the less. And in an instant hears it slam behind her with a crash, and enters to a great hall full of guests.
Lilith makes her way across a festive ballroom floor, she drops her pair of headphones to the ground. She feels a thousand eyes upon her moving through the crowd, while totally enraptured by the sound.
The room is full of decor from some ancient days gone by, the smell of burning candles fills the air. As costumed men and women dance inside the center round, reveling like they’re at some medieval fair.
A certain sense of purpose as she walks across the space, towards a painting on the eastern wall. A set of golden stairs connects the painting to the floor, as party guests keep entering the hall.
Center of the painting sitting on a snakeskin throne, a reigning king attended by his court. Lilith sees the king as someone she has always known, he stands and leaves aside his queen consort.
Lilith is transfixed and gazes deep into his eyes, as the king descends the golden stairs. He steps into the hall and then he takes her by the hand, then runs his fingers through her auburn hair.
The revelers bow towards him as he sweeps her in his arms, then glides her to the center of the floor. Lilith is excited and inside she comes alive, with feelings she has never felt before.
They dance as one together as if somewhere in a dream, she’s drawn into the vacuum of his eyes. And in an instant kisses him and feels she will explode, she slides her hand down inbetween his thighs.
The revelers reach out their hands, removing all her clothes, until she’s standing naked on the floor. The music pulses louder as they do the same to him, they make love as the people scream for more.
In another part of the museum the tour comes to an end, as the teachers and chaperones count the heads. And finding Lilith missing they begin to search the place, all overcome with worry and of dread.
Meanwhile in the great hall Lilith screams in ecstasy, the party room has now become a field. She likes the eyes upon her and the power that it brings, the perfect sense of pleasure it reveals.
The revelers bow down to her and worship her as goddess, as everything is twisted in the moment. She stands beside an ancient tree inside a fertile forest, her lover king has now become a serpent.
The searching has intensified with Lilith clearly missing, security traces every fateful step. While Lilith is enraptured in the king's erotic hissing, as he drapes around her body and her neck.
And finally the searchers enter into the great hall, finding Lilith’s headphones, clothes, and phone. But only silence answers as in vain her name they call, the hall is empty as the snake skinned throne.
And scanning through the paintings one stands out amongst them all, the one entitled Lilith and The Snake. There's something in her eyes reveals the essence of her fall, a step that she was always meant to take.
For who we are will be revealed once we shed our skin, exposing what we really feel inside. Seems destiny has called her home for all the world to see, for from ourselves we never truly hide.


From the collection: ALICE LORD

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro

I do not consider myself a writer but I love to write. Neither a poet but I love poetry. I steal bits and pieces of time to scratch out ideas on note books, laptops and cell phones. I live and work in Florida fabricating custom canvas and other fabric products and sometimes costumes.
TM DiSarro

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