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written by: The Jade Den


He almost felt sick. He knew what he wanted but didn't know how to get there. He laid staring at the landscape the ceiling presented. Maybe the little cracks and edges knew something he didn't. Music popped lightly in the background. He pondered in the safe haven of his room where his thoughts were un-inhibited by societies' world. It was like he was lost. His life didn't seem to be his. He knew he couldn't stay like this. This morbid thought about nothing and everything was debilitating. The green leaves of spring knocked against his window. His eyes followed the sway of the branches. The tree expressed a desire like he never could. One he had not previously considered. The tree lived. That's all it did. He hoped to be as content as the tree one day. To accept life. And not feel the pressure of nothing and everything. He vowed to be like the tree and find some slight contentment by just living.

The Jade Den

The Jade Den

I needed an outlet for some of my creative ideas. I like to think about the complexities of human existence and the turmoil within us all.
The Jade Den

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