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Love's Reunited

written by: Jodie Kendrick



One lasting embrace before you turn and go,
Returning to your other life, of which I don't know.
Hopelessly yearning for you to turn 'round;
Changing your mind from whence you are bound.

Reluctantly moving, knowing you've left;
Slowly acknowledging, my heart is bereft.
Sitting in silence, reliving the day;
With weeks 'til love's reunited, I wish them away.

Life still follows its predictable pattern,
Shielding my heart from its darkening cavern.
Extra hours in days and lengthening weeks,
My soul aches for the elusive missing piece which it seeks.

At night, fitful sleep, arms reaching out to find
you're not really here, you're still in my mind.
Waking up early, of you I'm still dreaming;
The emptiness grows; the days, they lack meaning.

Now, here I am, waiting, in our own private place;
Desperately seeking a glimpse of your face.
You've travelled many miles across foreign lands;
I'm anxiously waiting the touch of your hands.

Lustfully craving the touch of your skin,
I'm quickly removed from the despair I've been in.
My soul is restored; it's no longer blighted;
Much time has passed, now love's reunited.

Jodie K

Jodie K

An observer, listener, over-thinker.
Jodie K

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