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Monte Carlo, 1970

written by: Jenny Lu


It’s a lovely little night
along the French Riviera
waters glistening under the stars
and on top of it
twinkling lights, as if reflecting the sky
or is it the other way around?

Monaco, Monaco,
pushing against the sea
the streets clean, lined marble and tile.
And if you stop there,
you might believe that the night
is behaving itself.

But inside the palaces
champagne flows and chips fly
smoke and charm capped with roofs.
and then me, at the roulette table,
with good company too,
betting a straight single on

wheel turns
zero zero.
Black and red still spinning
zero zero zero.

My phone buzzes gently
and it’s him, across the world
wondering where I am.
Well darling, I’m somewhere in
Monte Carlo.
it’s getting late, he says,
perhaps you should come home.

and so I’m gone,
leaving it all on the table
and him, holding on the line
how much time do you need?
ball lands.

None at all.

Jenny Lu

Jenny Lu

Jenny Lu is a poet and artist, having recently published her first poetry book, “Still Life.” She strives to continue using her talents platforms to not only express herself but to also empower others and speak for those who cannot. In her free time, Jenny enjoys learning new languages, boxing, and feeding ducks.
Jenny Lu

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