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My Choice To Become A Vegan

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



I recently have been gaining knowledge about our environmental and health crisis here on our beautiful Earth. I’ve been wanting to do all that I can, recycle, use reusable bags, reduce my sugar intake, support farms that raised grass fed, grain fed and free range produce.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the money at the moment for solar panels or an electric car or I would jump on that right away. But it has come to my attention that the best way that I can do my part in protecting our planet and health is as simple as what food I choose to support and put into my body.
I had never had the idea that I would become a vegan, I thought it was just another form of diet and a fad. I always said that I’m not sure if I had the will power and if I could give up eggs and bacon for breakfast.
But I didn’t know at the time exactly how important that decision really was, and how selfish and ignorant I was being in making those decisions. It came to my attention that about 51 percent of global warming is due to agriculture and it is the main reason why the Amazon rainforest is being cut down, billions of acres a year. Yes, there are other reasons as well, such as the oil industries, which is very destructive as well, but mass agriculture is the leading cause for our environmental crisis and very well health crisis too, but this fact goes unnoticed. You can find more information as to why this is at foodchoicesmovie.com
I realized that the best thing I could do to support the well-being of the world, is to eat a plant-based diet, as our bodies are best made to do.
It is not only this though, meat and dairy don’t serve any significant nutrition to the body, it actually can have the opposite effect.
It turns out that we do not need massive amounts of protein to be fit and gain muscle, we can eat rice a few times a day and meet our daily intake for protein, but we’re told otherwise. A diet containing access protein may make you bulky, but it also raises your risk for heart disease and the increase in free radicals, which promotes aging and lead to many other health problems.
Dairy serves as no real nutrient either, it is very high in fat and low in fiber, in other words, it’s mostly a bunch of junk our bodies have trouble processing. Yes, dairy has calcium, and we’re all told that we need lots of calcium, but one orange has more calcium than a glass of milk and you can process it because an orange has also less fat.
It’s funny that we're told to drink lots of milk as children to be big and strong, but really milk is not meant for any species past infancy, so why is it that when our own mothers stop producing milk, we drink another species' instead? Milk that is meant for their calfs, from mothers that are bread over and over to produce milk for mankind. Animals treated as a mere product.
This is a topic itself, how we are treating these animals that also call Mother Earth their home. To what extent will we allow these animals to be treated as nothing else but to serve us, when will we all realize that these animals are alive, have families and feelings of their own, when will we stop being so selfish just for the unhealthy New York Style steak on your plate? Who are we to decide that cows, chickens, pigs, honey bees and turkeys were all meant to serve us? How ignorant can we be?

You can see the horrid truth of animal cruelty in agriculture here

We have been so detached from the real world that most of us don’t even seem to care, but if we want to save our very own planet, then these are things that we need to start realizing.

Things you can do/How to start

Switching your regular routine like an on and off switch is not that easy to do, but it’s more than worth it.
I found the easiest way to start was by making a delicious beefless burger. Spice it up! Put some extra spices, extra vegan sauces, vegan cheese, vegan bacon and peppers on there! It will show you that you’re not missing out on anything. If you're curious as to what these vegan options are made of, a lot of it is water, soy protein and spices.
The point is that there is a happier and healthier life without supporting global warming and animal cruelty, and a super delicious one as well!
I have only been vegan for a solid week and counting, but with all the knowledge I’ve learned, I don’t feel tempted to eat anything from an animal, maybe you’ll feel the same way once you face the truth of the matter. Maybe you haven’t seen videos of how animals in slaughterhouses and dairy farms are treated, it’s a topic you must face as well.
I do recommend Pinterest as a good tool for vegan recipes, also having a vegan friend has helped me tremendously for questions and recommendations, but feel free to ask me here in the comments as well!



All sources via foodchoicesmovie.com

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