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No Glorious Dead

written and performed by: Bob Jensen




There are no glorious dead
No accolades or tributes
To pay them for their flesh
Just the dead
Rotting in their graves
Beneath the surface
Of the world
Where platitudes are muffled
By the cold, uncaring earth
Lost on ears and minds
Long extinguished
By the hatred of men

The cacophony of war
Which deafens life itself
Mocks the mute, green statues
Frozen in the park and time
Of long forgotten lambs
Lead willingly, or not
To slaughter and dismemberment
A million, million times
To make the whole Earth fertile
With rivers of their blood
And carrion piled high
Sating crows and ravens
who grow both fat and lazy
On the premiums of war

No, there are no glorious dead
For Glory is in living

The bugle and the prayer
Ring hollow in dawn's air
As one and twenty Cannons
Shake the breeze

One honour and one only
To the memory of these
For sacrifice and valour
We must honour them with peace 

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen has been writing poetry, music and prose his whole life.
He currently resides in Prince Edward Island, Canada where he works as a booking agent for folk musicians from around the world.
His award winning novel, The Matchbox Funeral, is available on Amazon.
Bob Jensen

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