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written by: TM DiSarro



She sits in a corner counting cracks on the wall
Finds comfort in cobwebs and screams in the hall
In quiet distractions from life’s empty plate
With mock satisfaction she patiently waits
Her silence is forged from a furnace of lies
Her note book is stained with the tears from her eyes
With words to describe a life lived out of sync
The blood in her veins is replaced by black ink
So she bleeds out a story that no one will hear
Every day writing out all that she fears
In volumes in closets she hides them away
And faces her future with nothing to say



From the collection: ALICE LORD

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro

I do not consider myself a writer but I love to write. Neither a poet but I love poetry. I steal bits and pieces of time to scratch out ideas on note books, laptops and cell phones. I live and work in Florida fabricating custom canvas and other fabric products and sometimes costumes.
TM DiSarro

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